Time to Explore!

Time to Explore…

Last week I asked you a question.  I really enjoyed reading what you had to say.

I wanted to know, “What Interests YOU?”.   Today, let’s take this a step further.  

Think about what you wrote.  If you said more than one thing, narrow it down to the one that speaks to your heart.  For me, right now, it is watercolor painting. In these difficult times, it is what takes my mind off everything.   

Do you have your one thing?  If not, that is okay. Maybe you just need to do some exploring.  Skim a few articles about a couple topics. Watch a video or two. It may help.

If you have a general idea, but the topic is HUGE, you may need to narrow it down a bit.  Say, I love history. Well, that is great, but you need to pick a specific time or event to make it more manageable.  Even say, World War II is a huge topic. You may need to narrow that down as well to a specific event or person like Hitler, concentration camps, Jewish ghettos, or KristallNacht.   Do you get the idea?

As you know, I like to teach by example, so back to watercolor painting. Here’s how I did my exploring.  

I started with the history of watercolor, then I looked for something about famous watercolor painters,  then I watched a video and skimmed an article about watercolor techniques.  

Do not forget to keep track of the articles you explore.  Bookmark them, copy, or paste their web addresses into a Doc.  I wouldn’t just leave the tabs open. Who knows, a family member might close them when they decide to play that game on YOUR school Chromebook!

Tomorrow, I will show you how to make a bibliography for your sources using EasyBib Creator in your Add-ons.  If you already know how, you are one step ahead.

Have a great day and I miss you all!

Mrs. Rehberg

What Interests YOU?

This new role as long distance teacher is a challenge.  A silent classroom is not always easy.  I hate to say it, but I miss the noise and confusion!  More than that, it is hard to not see your faces. Your expressions are how I know if you understand what I am asking of you.

So, with that said, I am going to try something new.  I want to know, what interests YOU?  If you could choose what to learn, what would it be?


“Library Day!”

Hello 8th grade,

As you all know, Monday is usually library day.  Even though we won’t be sitting together in the library on Monday, take some time in the next few days to read.  It can be a chapter or two in a novel, a magazine article, or something online.

So here is the question-

What did you read?  Include the title and a little about what you read.  Remember, your classmates and myself will be reading your response.

Due Monday.  Check back on Tuesday to see what everyone is reading!

Take care,

Mrs. Rehberg

Cover Story

It appears that most of you do judge a book by its cover!

What is the title of the book you are currently reading and its author?

Is it fiction or nonfiction?

Is your book what you thought it would be when you picked it up off the shelf, or was the cover deceiving? If it was, explain.



Passion Project Progress

Now that you have had several weeks to work on your project, share your progress.  Sharing your ideas may help a classmate develop their own project.

What are you making?

Which standard are you going to use to demonstrate your understanding of the book you read?

Post the name of your novel and the author.